Can you hear the colour of my heart

How we see the world, meaning everything that is around us, is sometimes misplaced by our limitative cognitive sensors, meaning not only our senses but also our prejudices, our judgments.
Synesthete people perceive the world with misplaced senses.
In my opinion all of us do exactly the same with our feelings and emotions.
We misplace them. We don't express them or express them incorrectly. And in the end we become dull.

1. mentally slow, stupid
2. slow in perception or sensibility
3. slow in action
4. not resonant or ringing
5. lacking sharpness of edge or point
6. lacking brilliance or luster
7. of a color: low in saturation and low in lightness

part of the exhibition on Synesthesia:
Eggshell Clangwave Oscillator System Looking Quiet
Camberwell College of Arts
25 January - 5 February 2010