Not a grind collection.

And hence (Mary's reflection echoes: And hence),
They find (Mary's reflection echoes: They find)
(together) Their task is not a grind.

The fragments correspond to a "sing along" version of A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down scene from the movie Mary Poppins, 1964, directed by Robert Stevenson.

Part of the exhibition: Inner Outside. Human Experience in the Digital Age. CCA Nov 09

The title of this video is a "sample" of the first word of the original title: Gone with the Wind. But it also relates to the way we experience time. There is no present. Only past and future. The present moment is either expected or it's always gone, gone, gone, gone, gone now, now is gone, gone, gone...

These videos are an appropriation, re-creation of a random choice of information available on the internet.

I'm exploring the process of taking very familiar and recognizable film sequences from the internet, and editing it to create a completely different visual and audio output. The focus will be more and more on the sound. The visuals will become whatever it's linked with that particular sound I've isolated from the sequence. The result is unexpected.

For me to listen, to look, is also to participate. The audience as an artist is a concept growing with internet. In this Information/Digital/Attention Age we share and use information as if it is ours. Teenagers love to show videos of them playing their favorite music with a guitar in their tiny rooms. "I can be as famous as the original." And sometimes they are. The audience is more in control.

Camberwell College of Arts
October/November 09